Causes And Remedies Of Nasal Congestion

As a new parent, you may wonder why your newborn has a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, it’s pretty common for babies to have nasal congestion from time to time. A cold, the flu allergies, or a dry environment can cause stuffy nose in children. In a healthy child, mucus moisturizes and cleans the nasal membranes, but when the child becomes ill or is exposed to irritants, mucus production increases to help fight the infection or as a response to the irritant, resulting in a stuffy nose. A blocked nose is extremely uncomfortable for a child and can make him/her super cranky. It is also difficult to feed them as they start rejecting food & in turn lose their appetite. Mothers also struggle to breastfeed their babies with a blocked nose as they fail to create a proper latch. Babies only breathe through their nose, which they struggle with, leaving them clingy & cranky.

Babies during the first few months are “obligatory nose breathers” which means they can only breathe through their nose. It is because they use their mouth to suck & the only time newborns breathe through their mouths is when they are crying. Nasal congestion can range from mildly uncomfortable to serious cases which hinders mental & physical growth.

Signs of Nasal Congestion:

● Breathing difficulties can often be indicated if a baby is not eating and is fussy.

● Baby might have a fever if the infection has spread to the upper respiratory tract.

● Baby will have a common cold with a runny nose, low fever, and cough.

● They will snore while sleeping & have increased sneezing.

Causes of Nasal Congestion in Monsoon

It is true that many of us will feel a sigh of relief when it starts raining but we cannot deny the fact that there is an increase in waterborne & airborne infections with the onset of rain. The change in the temperature due to change in weather, from hot to cold, also leads to fluctuation in our body temperature, in turn affecting our immunity making us more vulnerable to microbial attack. This is the reason many of us fall ill during a change of season. Common cold and cough are categorized as respiratory infections, which begin when the culprit virus attaches to your nose or throat. This attachment will send a signal to your body’s defense mechanism and white blood cells start fighting. When an old strain of virus attacks for the second time, the white blood cells will immediately get rid of them. However, if a new strain attacks, the army of white blood cells will be rendered useless by the virus. The body will then signal an alarm and more soldiers pour into the site of infection. The extra dose of defense will cause your throat to be inflamed and the entire respiratory tract becomes filled with mucus. This inflammation and mucus secretion is what produces the nasal congestion and sore throat like symptoms, which are commonly seen with cold.

There are few remedies which I have mentioned to unblock baby’s nose:

● Start with saline nasal drops. Saline drops can be helpful with loosening the mucous-filled baby nose. They loosen up snort and help your baby to sneeze blockages forward. Personally, I prefer Nasivion Nasal Saline Drops for my baby in case of a nose blockage. Do consult a pediatrician before using it.

● Use a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to suck out the sticky mucus and clear your baby’s nose. Be careful while using this & do it with proper care.

● Squirt few drops of breastmilk into the nostrils to thin the mucus and then use the syringe to suck everything back out.

● Keep the head of the baby in an elevated position, making breathing easier. But make sure you do the same under complete supervision, as there is a risk of suffocation.

● Use warm steam as the same is helpful to loosen clogged-up nasal secretions. Either you can use a steamer machine under adult supervision or you can turn on the hot shower in your bathroom to generate steam. With the door closed, sit with your child in the bathroom for at least 15 minutes to let the steam work its magic.

● Use a vaporizer to moisten the air which helps your child to breathe.

● You could even add a drop of essential eucalyptus oil or menthol to ease your child’s blocked nose.

● Make sure you keep your baby adequately having fluids as it helps in keeping them hydrated as well as thins the mucus in the nose and clears congestion.

● Avoiding any known allergen.

Saline sprays boost moisture and are especially helpful in winter months when the inside of the nose may dry out or be used to help wash away any thick sticky mucus in your nose. Nasivion has a lot of variants & usage differs according to the age group. The regular dosages are mentioned below however please use as advised by the doctor/pediatrician only.

Nasivion Mini (Baby) Nose Drops (0.01%): For 0 -1 year old babies

-For babies up to the age of 4 weeks, instill 1 drop of the solution into each nostril 2-3 times per day.

-From the 5th week of life until the age of 1 year, instill 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.

-Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride containing drops should not be used for more than ten consecutive days.

Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose Drops (0.025%): For 1 – 6 year old kids

-For children aged between 1 to 6 years only use 1-2 drops into each nostril 2-3 times per day or as directed by the physician.

Nasivion Saline Nasal Solution: For all ages

-Use 2-3 drops/sprays in each nostril 3-4 times daily or as directed by the Physician

It is better to remove nasal mucus frequently to facilitate good feeding, avoid infection that can spread to the sinuses, ears and general respiratory tract, as well as to reduce the child’s discomfort.

Please consult your pediatrician before using any product on your baby/child.

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Happy parenting!

What’s so great & Not so great about cloth diapering

One decision every new parents have to take for their little one is to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers.Honestly, before joining cloth diapering groups in facebook ( when little one was one month old) I didn’t even know cloth diapers were a thing.I belong to a generation where convenience matters & being a new mom I thought disposable diapers are the most convenient option.But somewhere I always used to think “Is the little one comfortable wearing a diaper made out of synthetic polymers?”.The comfort factor (majorly because I feel very uncomfortable using sanitary pads during menstruation days) was my driving force when I officially decided to be a- “cloth diapering mama”.

In this cloth diapering journey with my little nugget I feel there are some really good and not so good things about cloth diapering. If something is getting into your mind to make a choice, step back and take a few deep breaths before you continue reading the below points.

Some really great factors:

  • Environment
    Cloth diaper is definitely better for the environment.If you’re trying to reduce your environmental impact, you can do that significantly by using cloth diapers. Disposable diapers adds to million tons of waste to landfills each year.Studies indicate that diapers in landfills take up to 500 years to degrade & creates lot of toxic gasses in the process. In addition thousand of trees are lost each year to make disposable diapers for babies. You will reduce landfill waste and save natural resources incase you are cloth diapering mama. Thats something really big!
  • Health Aspect
    Cloth diapers are not filled with harmful chemicals and aren’t harsh on babies delicate skin. They will not irritate babies skin ,allow better air flow & prevent diaper rash. I feel cloth is definitely healthy for your baby& Disposables are easy for you.
  • Monetary Aspect
    Cloth diapering is much cheaper than disposable diapering.Its like a one time investment & the amount invested is recovered within a year or even as little as few months.If the diapers are in good condition you can re-sell them (there are few cloth diapering groups in social media) & can even use the same for your future children incase you plan to have more than one.So, guys its like you really save big holein your pocket
  • Convenient & versatile
    They are not only eco friendly but are so convenient that I fell in love with cloth diapering from the very first day I used it.The modern day cloth diapers makes it super easy to use them with all those snaps in the front & different variants of inserts helps us to choose depending on absorbency.
  • Early potty training
    It promotes early potty training due to absence of absorbent chemical polymers which lets baby to feel the wetness against their skin.On lighter note moms might be motivated to potty train their babies earlier after all who loves doing laundry?
  • Fashionable
    We just can’t deny the fact that the uber cute prints looks really chic on cute little bums.They doesn’t look boring like disposable diapers.You can actually plan a OOTD pairing one cloth diaper with a matching tee.
    Isn’t it amazing?

Not so great factors

  • Hassel during travel
    It becomes really difficult to use cloth diapers when you are travelling.Beside taking a lot of space in the luggage its extremely difficult to wash & dry cloth diapers while on the go.
  • Absorption capacity
    Compared to the cloth diapers, disposable diapers can absorb more amounts of urine as it has absorbent crystals that can hold more liquid .Cloth diapers needs to be changed more frequently than disposables.
  • Messier
    Its definitely more messy to clean a popped cloth diaper than just throwing away a popped disposable diaper.For breast-fed newborns its definitely not an issue.But once they are on solids poppy diaper gets messier.

The dilemma of cloth diapering vs disposable diapering has become a debate over the years now. Somehow it is one of those topics where people will defend their preferred choices.In this comparison, for me cloth is the winner but we can’t deny that there is no one-size-fits-all right? I started using CDs when Anaika was only 1.5 months old. & I have done many different combinations of cloth and disposables, depending on what worked for my family at the time.I am so glad that I took the cloth diaper plunge for my little one’s cute little bum.Are you a cloth diapering mom?Do you feel its better than disposables one?Say it all in the comments below.

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Letter to Papa ❤️

~They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whoever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like Christmas❤️- Anonymous

Dear Papa,

Happy Father’s Day!

It was like yesterday when Mumma told you that you were going to be a Papa.From that day till today our journey is nothing less than magical.

I’m only 14 months old now, but that’s long enough for me to already know that you are the best Papa ever! They say that emotions are magical and that human beings have so many emotions that we can experience more than one at the same time.I know you felt the same when I was born.Mumma told me you were the first one who held me after my birth & that is when I told Mumma,that was the moment when I snuggled right inside my Papa’s heart.

From wrapping my hand around fingers till today when my little hands tightly hold your fingers for taking those first steps I feel blessed to have you as my Papa.My heart is filled with happiness when you come back from office & I run towards the door joyfully.I love it when everyone ask me to say some other word but I keep on saying Papa papa througout the day & night. I love when you throw me high in the air, splash with me in the pool & let me do everything I want to do when mom isn’t watching. I also like it when you read me books but all I really want to do is chew on the pages.

From sharing same birthday to looking exactly like you, I have no doubt that God took a piece of you to make me for the person I am—a smaller, girlier version of my Papa!

I love you!

Mishi ❤️

AnaikasBigOne-Letter on her first birthday u

~And what could be more beautiful,than bringing a new life into the world #Anaikasbigone

This was captured when Anaika was only three days old.Last 365 days with her went in a blink of an eye.”Every first is special and so is this letter.Many years down the line I am sure she will be happy when she will read this.

Dear Anaika,

“Time flies” has a new meaning all together after your arrival.From teeny tiny baby who used to wrap her hand around my fingers to making silly faces to grab everyone’s attention this one year with you is nothing less than “Terrific”.As, you complete one year with us your Mumma is going through myriad of emotions from past few days.I still remember those three months when I was sad because I couldn’t conceive & even the day (26th Aug’16) when I saw those two pink lines which marked the beginning of “our” journey.

From two pink lines to a cute bundle of happiness who was placed on my arms to today when you are “O.N.E “you have changed the definition of happiness.There was an instant love & protectiveness when I saw you.Heart stopped & started with a whole new rhythm.Everything looked so perfect.

Initial days were like a never ending circle ofbreastfeeding,pumping,burping,changing diapers and putting you to sleep.Those were the most overwhelmed & overtired days of my life.Everyday was like a never ending marathon & I wanted you to grow up soon.And today I just want to stop time & want you to be this little forever,my teeny tiny baby! Everytime I saw you I used to think “God was she the one who was dancing inside my tummy”.

We have clapped together,celebrated each of your milestones,cried together,laughed together. In a way, we all grew together over the past year.Of all the learnings we did in last one year the best learning we have done is learning “eachother”.

I have never loved anyone as much as I love you.Everyday I think How will I ever keep you safe? You made me found that piece of my heart which was missing since forever, I found a new “me” & now this life has a new meaning all together.Your first cry changed the dimensions so many emotions deep within me:the love, the fear, the wonder & the pride.Everything grew in abundance!

In last one year I had my set of yelling ,nervous breakdowns & emotional turmoils.But amidst the chaos your smile were like flashes of delights which made this journey worth living for.

I gave birth to you & you gave birth to “US”.Me & your daddy truly wanted you prayed for you & loved you even before we saw you.We love you so much – you have changed our world and our family is complete because you are part of it.I wish you get everything you ever wish in your life.You were a part of me & that invisible umbilical cord between us will be there forever!

Happy First Birthday, Anaika

Love you forever and more


Soulslings Carrier-Product Review

~Carry them to the moon or back,

With a woven wrap on your belly or back,

Hold them close & keep them warm

Forever together & forever as one-Anonymous

You carry little one for nine months closed to your heartbeat in the most perfect darkness & most secured place.But the moment a baby is born it’s a whole new world for them.Luckily, we can baby-wear & keep them close to us yet again.

I have been using this AnoonA is a carrier that seamlessly adjusts and lets you hold the little one close from the very beginning.I loved this carrier from the moment I tried it.Lets go through the detailing of AnoonA carrier.

  • Comfort

Without any second thought I would vote AnoonA as the most comfortable baby carrier.This all-cotton carrier provides amazing comfort thanks to the fully adjustable fully adjustable panel cinches at the shoulder, mid-panel and waistband provides stability, relieves lower back pressure & allowed Anaika’s weight to be evenly distributed for a super comfortable ride.Perfect padding around neck,thigh,back & hip area allowed little one to enjoy her ride. Not for a moment we felt uncomfortable.

  • All in one

Made out of breathable cotton fabric it offers 5 carry options – newborn, front, front facing out, hip and back and can be used from birth till toddlerhood.Little detailing like waistband pocket, foldable neck panel & removable hood cradles baby in comfort.The unique adjustable strap grows with your family.One size fits all (from slimmest to fatso people).I absolutely love the versatility of this baby carrier!

  • Look

The streamlined and thoughtful design not only provides ideal support & comfort for your little one every step of the way but it is the perfect pick for all style conscious people.The one I am using is AnoonA full buckle is a refreshing combination of tangy kiwi green & the plain grey-black base which can pop up your mood anytime.The small bunjee type loops can roll up the extra length of the different straps & make the sling look very neat.

  • Other features

Weight recommendation : 3.2-20 kg (7-44 lb) approx

Fabric: 100% linen Mist panel + 100%linen Sparrow base

Adjustments : Completely adjustable

panel; crossable shoulder straps

Tested for : ASTM F2236

The fit was just so perfect & Anaika was super comfortable.It might take some time to understand how to baby wear but once you understand you will fall in love with it.My take on soulslingsAnoonA is nothing less than 5/5.It’s a ready to use carrier because it is the one without flaws!

Price-7750 INR

You can buy this kiwi green design here. Availability-

Are you baby wearing?Have you used soulslings carrier? Tell me about all in the comments below.

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RAY refined cooking spray oil and stevia extract-Product review

Why cooking spray oil ?

First & foremost question which comes to our mind is why to even opt for cooking spray oil as we have seen our grannies & mums using oil in traditional way.However with our changing lifestyle we need to change our cooking techniques as well.There are lot of pros of using cooking spray like;

-Cooking spray contains fewer calories, as you will spray a small amount & this you will be consuming less fatty food.

-The food will be less greasy & it is super convenient to use.

-The food will not stick to the frying pan, which will be easier to clean.

Cooking refined rice bran & Olive spray oil

It has a light and mild flavor that doesn’t overpower food and it makes everyday cooking a breeze!This item is handy which works with pumping action that produces a fine mist, more uniform in spraying and control the amount of oil per time used in cooking. It can be used in everyday cooking & comes in perfect size to carry out for picnic or bbq.This easy to use spray helps you to control quantity of oil used and reduces the amount of oil you use by ten times & fat consumption by 80% compared to a traditional bottle of oil. It means less oil, greater well-being and it will save you from having big holes in your pocket.Does the the job in a excellent way.What’s more, Ray comes in 4 wonderful variants – Sunflower, Olive, Ghee and Groundnut. Which means you can cook anything with it.

Price- INR400 for 250ml


Why stevia extract?

Stevia extract is a natural sweetener & typically about 200 times sweeter than sugar.Free from calories Stevia Powder is a safer and healthier alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It enables you to add more versatility to your menu as you can use it to sweeten a variety of hot & cold food & drinks.

Naturally sweet stevia extract

Good news for everyone with a sweet tooth. Finally there is a sweetener which protects the health Health & doesn’t make you put on weight.Made of 99.8% stevia this is a safer and healthier alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners.It has zero calories and glycemic index & does not contain lactose, maltodextrin, dextrose, saccharin, aspartame and sucralose.It is the perfect pick for diabetic patients & people who look for other options than sugar.This product can also be used as beverages and is now easily available at very reasonable and affordable price. 1 sachet = 2 TSP sugar is a must have for all calories conscious people.

Note: Never add sugar free when the edible item is on the gas.Pregnant, breastfeeding mothers & children are advised not to consume the same.

Price-40 sachets collectively in a box is priced at INR 630/-


Now, I have a permanent place for RAY Naturally Sweet Stevia Extract & cooking spray oil in my kitchen.Do you use cooking spray oil? Have you used Ray cooking spray oil & stevia extracts?How was your experience? Say it about all in the comments below.

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Letter to my “Mini Me” on women’s day

Dear Anaika,

You are one of the most important female in my life & hence I thought this women’s day let me pen down few things I would like you to remember always.Things which I have experienced in last 28 years of my life.

I was born during times when people used to feel sorry for giving birth to daughters.Time when son equals to celebration & daughter leads to tension. But me & your maa-si’s are lucky to have best parents in this universe.They never told us ‘you are a girl, so you should not do this, should not dress up like this,should not talk like that’ and I am grateful to them because they taught me to be “Me” and not a girl, they taught me to be an individual with her own identity & mind. Whether it was about choosing our career or soulmate ,religious ceremonies or parties ,salwar or jeans be it anything or everything we paved our own path & got utmost freedom from them.I am over the moon & proud to be their daughter.

Being your mum is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me.The joy of having you in our life also came with a responsibility for everything I want you to know about this world.

-My Love! Be proud of being a girl and a woman.Celebrate womanhood!There is nothing in this universe which can stop your soul to set fire just because you are a women.Talent & hard work is what matters not gender.

-You will come across bunch of male chauvinist & females holding flag of male chauvinism as well.But that shouldn’t stop you to be “YOURSELF”.You are in charge of your life & these external forces doesn’t matter.Had these mattered so much your mom would have resigned from her job the day she got married.

-Becoming a female protagonist doesn’t mean demeaning “men”.Don’t ever do gender based comparisons or competition because it’s our diversity & differences which make us great.Just like a man can be a chef ,a woman can be a lawyer.At the end it is talent & thought process is what matters not your gender.

-No! Crying is not bad.Its not a girl thing.There will be times when world feels upside down & heart looses its track & you will feel like shedding those precious tears.Please do.Cry all you want & that doesn’t make you weak.Its a mode of releasing toxins & negativity from your mind.

-Don’t be a mean girl ever.I have seen women are the greatest enemies of each other be it at workplace, school or home.Don’t ever get into “gossip-bitching” series because that will not lead you to anywhere.Always remember “empowered woman empower woman.”

-Girls are not only about Sugar,spice & everything nice.We can blame it all on all stereotypes gendered norms and expectations. From a very young age we are conditioned to become like this.Don’t be nice just to fuel ego of someone else, don’t apologize if you are not wrong, don’t sugar coat things ,don’t do things which doesn’t give you peace of mind.Refuse to let your confidence & dignity, to be labeled as “show off”.Go beyond all these stereotypes notions & beliefs.Instead “be kind” to yourself & others.

Always stand like a pillar for your dreams.Nothing in this universe should stop you from doing “Everything “you want to do in your life because you are born as a girl.In this journey called life may you meet woman who inspire you & empower you always!

I can only hope,that someday you will feel same for your Mumma & papa the way I feel for my parents.



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My beginning and my end❤️

As,I stand here & look back at all those years which have passed away,the best thing that has happened to me till date is you.I thank my stars everyday for making you a part of my life after all soulmates always end up being together.I never thought it was possible to love you any more, but with passing time all I realize is I was wrong.

Twelve years of friendship, seven years of relationship, three years of marriage in between all these years we went through a lot of things together and our love always came up stronger.As,they say there are few milestones in life that changes our life forever & one such milestone was arrival of our tiny bundle of joy.Arrival of her not only marked the beginning of “our” family but also changed our perspectives towards life forever.

Whether its a Sunday or Valentine’s day everyday is “Anaika’s day! So,I thought this Valentine’s day let me just steal few minutes from little one’s day to write this letter to my husband.

My love! amidst all the new beginnings & emotions all I want to say you is thank you for being there always.Here, we stand after celebrating so many Valentine’s day together.It amazes me when I think how far we have come together.I truly would not have made it through it all without you.

Thank you for loving me the way you do.

For sharing diaper changing load.

For standing like a rock in worst situations.

For fulfilling all my wishes that I ever dreamt of in my life

For sharing load equally to bring up our tiny little human

For making me feel beautiful inspite of the scars & marks

For appreciating my small little things.

For understanding my unspoken words.

For letting me be the best version of myself.

I love you and I truly don’t want to miss “US” in the madness of life.Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.At the end “I am the only one for you and you are the only one for me“.Together Forever.



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O Toilet Seat Sanitizer-Product Review

I think thousand times before using public toilets .In fact, most of the time I try avoid peeing for as long as possible so that I don’t have to use one.Though there are times I end up using it.Toilet Seats, especially those in public toilets, are shared by many & not cleaned after every usage. The thought of germs in toilet seats leading to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes gives me nightmare.

The dearth of good toilet seat spray sanitizer lead to existence of one of the best toilet spray sanitizer know as OToilet Seat Sanitizer.

This toilet seat sanitizer spray from helps in keeping the germs away from the toilet seat, giving you a germs free sanitized seat for use.This one is easy to use & helps in cleaning and sanitizing toilet seat surfaces effectively before use.At least now I don’t have to worry much before using public toilets.

Usage direction:

  • Just spray

If you are going to use any public toilet simply lightly spray the toilet seat from 20 – 25 cm distance.This spray leaves a fresh fragrance and somewhere you are mentally satisfied that the toilet seat is as clean as it is at home.

  • 99% germ free

This sanitizing cleaner dries quickly while killing 99.9% of germs, without leaving any harmful chemicals.

Features & details

• Kills upto 99.9% germs

• Sanitizes toilet seat within seconds

• No side effects on skin

• Tea Tree oil acts as natural deodorizer

• Easy to Use – An anti-bacterial agent

If you are concerned about personal hygiene, then “OToilet Seat Sanitizer” is the ideal product to get a space in your handbag or pocket whenever you step out of your home.

Price-Rs110 for 40 ml bottle

You’ll find OToilet Seat Sanitizer in

O the hand sanitizer

It’s perfect hand sanitizer for anyone on the move.It helps to kills germs & remove dirt away from your hands.It comes in a pack of 50 small packets.So, whenever you feel there is a need just tear one packet & keep the rest.The usp of this product is its ease of use & price.It is extremely convenient to carry these packets unlike bottles & price is only rs2/- for one sachet.

You’ll find O toilet hand sanitizer in

As,they say “don’t judge toilet seats by its cover,carry “O” Wherever you go.”Order your O now.

Do you use toilet spray sanitizer ?How was your experience?Tell me about all in the comments below .

My mom was right!!

A mom is daughter’s first friend & through life becomes her best friend-Anonymous ❤️Indeed! We laugh, we argue,we agree, we disagree, we fight,we cry, but no matter what we love her beyond universe.And I know no one else matters to her more than us.While sipping coffee & looking through my window my eyes glued upon a mum & daughter duo.Girl must be in her teenage wearing all those funky clothes & was arguing with her mum over something on top of her voice.And then suddenly Anaika came from behind in her walker with a big broad smile telling something in her gibberish language.Gosh! That moment I felt like “mum this is going to happen very soon”.While growing up I too had my set of clash with my mum.I used to believe a lot of things which were actually not true.At one point of time whatever she used to teach me sounded more like “lecture” to me & all I did is listen from one ear & let go from other.

  • When she told me that my family will always be there for me no matter what-There were days when my life used to revolve around my friends.But sailing through life all I could understand is the only people who will stick to me without asking any question is my family & this was my biggest realization
  • When she told me to let go things & grudges-I am very short tempered & I generally cut off from people whom I feel are not worth staying in my life.But with age came maturity & all I can think is life is too short to fight over petty issues or to hold on to things because I get affected equally. My mum taught me to say “sorry” even if I wasn’t wrong & let it go.This act of mine always helps me to be at peace.
  • When she told me to stay away from few nerd friends as they aren’t worth it-As time passed by I started realising they are just friends of benefits.And it is so important to choose friends wisely.
  • When she told me being organised is important- Oh! This We have heard from our childhood.My mum is an organizing freak & always used to teach us the same.This one good teaching has helped me not only at home but in my office as well.
  • When she told me to learn few household chores-Earlier I always used to think damn! I am not going to do this but time is powerful you start revisiting your thoughts when you face situations.I learned that learning few things is very important for self survival.Its not about learning household chores to take care of others but its about learning things to take care of yourself & your own home.I am thankful to her for this!
  • When she told me to give more time to my studies-It used to irk me from inside whenever she used to tell me this.As I stand and look back getting my offer letter from TCS was one of the happiest days of my life & it was just not possible without hardwork.And the list goes on…!!We had our own set of agreements & disagreements.Mostly mum always topped in the “taken for granted” list.But somewhere around mid twenties there was a phenomenal change of thought process & world started looking exactly like my mum had explained to me.This realization of “Mum was correct about everything” majorly hit me after marriage & motherhood.It is truly said you realise the value of the bond that you share with your mum only after getting married and leave your home.Whatever she told me years before started making more sense post marriage.

Everyone tells you how much your life will change after having a baby. Life takes a ‘U’ turn. Nothing else in this universe will make you happy than motherhood but it is insanely crazy at the same time. Amidst all the new beginnings & emotions one transformation is that I understood my own mum so much better than I ever did in my entire life.I can relate to every other thing she tells me & everyday when I see my daughter I think how much she has actually done for me.After becoming a mom yourself will make you love your mother even more.Over the past few years more than anything else the biggest thing which I have realized is my mum was actually correct about everything.Have you realised the same?Do you agree with your mum like never before?Tell me about all in the comments below .

This post is a part of a blog train organised by Elina Wadia where 20 Indian moms have come together to write on how their own mothers were right! To read her article on the same topic head to Deeksha’s article. Also, make sure to check this interesting article written by a fellow mom blogger Elina.

Love Ananya❤️