My mom was right!!

A mom is daughter’s first friend & through life becomes her best friend-Anonymous ❤️Indeed! We laugh, we argue,we agree, we disagree, we fight,we cry, but no matter what we love her beyond universe.And I know no one else matters to her more than us.While sipping coffee & looking through my window my eyes glued upon a mum & daughter duo.Girl must be in her teenage wearing all those funky clothes & was arguing with her mum over something on top of her voice.And then suddenly Anaika came from behind in her walker with a big broad smile telling something in her gibberish language.Gosh! That moment I felt like “mum this is going to happen very soon”.While growing up I too had my set of clash with my mum.I used to believe a lot of things which were actually not true.At one point of time whatever she used to teach me sounded more like “lecture” to me & all I did is listen from one ear & let go from other.

  • When she told me that my family will always be there for me no matter what-There were days when my life used to revolve around my friends.But sailing through life all I could understand is the only people who will stick to me without asking any question is my family & this was my biggest realization
  • When she told me to let go things & grudges-I am very short tempered & I generally cut off from people whom I feel are not worth staying in my life.But with age came maturity & all I can think is life is too short to fight over petty issues or to hold on to things because I get affected equally. My mum taught me to say “sorry” even if I wasn’t wrong & let it go.This act of mine always helps me to be at peace.
  • When she told me to stay away from few nerd friends as they aren’t worth it-As time passed by I started realising they are just friends of benefits.And it is so important to choose friends wisely.
  • When she told me being organised is important- Oh! This We have heard from our childhood.My mum is an organizing freak & always used to teach us the same.This one good teaching has helped me not only at home but in my office as well.
  • When she told me to learn few household chores-Earlier I always used to think damn! I am not going to do this but time is powerful you start revisiting your thoughts when you face situations.I learned that learning few things is very important for self survival.Its not about learning household chores to take care of others but its about learning things to take care of yourself & your own home.I am thankful to her for this!
  • When she told me to give more time to my studies-It used to irk me from inside whenever she used to tell me this.As I stand and look back getting my offer letter from TCS was one of the happiest days of my life & it was just not possible without hardwork.And the list goes on…!!We had our own set of agreements & disagreements.Mostly mum always topped in the “taken for granted” list.But somewhere around mid twenties there was a phenomenal change of thought process & world started looking exactly like my mum had explained to me.This realization of “Mum was correct about everything” majorly hit me after marriage & motherhood.It is truly said you realise the value of the bond that you share with your mum only after getting married and leave your home.Whatever she told me years before started making more sense post marriage.

Everyone tells you how much your life will change after having a baby. Life takes a ‘U’ turn. Nothing else in this universe will make you happy than motherhood but it is insanely crazy at the same time. Amidst all the new beginnings & emotions one transformation is that I understood my own mum so much better than I ever did in my entire life.I can relate to every other thing she tells me & everyday when I see my daughter I think how much she has actually done for me.After becoming a mom yourself will make you love your mother even more.Over the past few years more than anything else the biggest thing which I have realized is my mum was actually correct about everything.Have you realised the same?Do you agree with your mum like never before?Tell me about all in the comments below .

This post is a part of a blog train organised by Elina Wadia where 20 Indian moms have come together to write on how their own mothers were right! To read her article on the same topic head to Deeksha’s article. Also, make sure to check this interesting article written by a fellow mom blogger Elina.

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My winter bucket list


Welcome to this Winter Express – A Blog Train where 33 awesome bloggers are writing about different topics related to this beautiful season, winter, from their own unique perspectives. Expect a lot of things including tips and tricks, recipes, stories, cherished memories and a lot more. You would love to have a magical ride with our Winter Express.

This blog train is a lovely idea to cherish some beautiful moments by:, and

I would like to Thank Krisha for introducing me and sending across the Winter Express to my station.

Winters come and go in the blink of an eye. With the onset of November we tend to get into the “Wintery Mode”.Like every year this year also I have so many things planned that I want to do during these months.

  • Early morning bike ride

Frosty mornings,fresh air and the sheer joy of a hot cuppa after a cold ride sounds so exciting.Last year I couldn’t do it as I was pregnant hopefully will be able to tick this off from this year’s list.

  • Binging on winter food

Winters bring along better reasons to relish some awesome food you crave to eat throughout the year. Be it hot soup,pav bhaji,sarso da saag makee ki roti or gajar ka halwa..winter activates my taste buds.Every year eating seasonal food tops my list.

  • Hot chocolate cuppa by fire Nothing can beat the feeling of sipping hot coffee sitting by a warm fire under the sky. How beautiful it will be to do star gazing in a chilly night! This has been in my winter bucket list since long.

  • Celebrating Christmas with Anaika This season was my daughter’s first winters & first Christmas.I really wanted to celebrate it to the fullest. While she is still too small to understand all these it was fun to see her reaction when she saw Christmas tree,fairy lights & stockings for the first time.We clicked a lot of pictures & had a blast in the Christmas party.This one is already ticked off from my winter wish list.
  • Go for winter shopping

As the temperature drops, all I do is to go & grab those winter clothes to upgrade my wardrobe.I loooove everything about winter clothing!! From the trench coats to the cute caps to the boots.Winter shopping is there in my list for little one.This one is achieved partially (There is always scope for more).

  • Spend more time with family

With the arrival of winters clock starts ticking for Christmas & New Year giving everyone a chance to slow down and spend some more time together!! I REALLY want to make sure I visit (long pending one) my near & dear ones this winters.

  • Knit a warm chunky sweater

I have so many memories when it comes to a hand woven sweater.It always amazed me as a child that how can my aunt weave such beautiful sweaters for us.I still have, my memory sake, sweater hand woven by my aunt.I really wish to hand weave a sweater for her.

What are your plans for this winter? Whats there in your to do list?What’s your favorite winter favourite food? Tell me all about in the ‘Comments’ below! I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Now, it is the time for departure, so meet Winter Express next at Neha’s Station. Stay hooked to this journey with the Winter Express!!

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Softsens-Baby product review

As, a first time mom I always have a lot of apprehensions regarding products I use for my little one. With so many options available its difficult to decide which one to choose.A while ago I started using softsens products and this product range made my life as a mom whole lot easier.

This brand believe in “Mom knows the best” when it comes to her baby.And has been designed and developed after speaking to so many real moms like us.Isnt that amazing?So,What is included in the set?

Baby massage oil

  • Enriched with goodness of. vitamin E and olive
  • It is mild enough which soothes & conditions skin thoroughly.

My experience-I loved the composition of the oil.It is feathery light & nonstaining which moisturizes all skin types leaving it soft & supple.I prefer massaging Anaika everyday before giving her a bath & this oil keeps her skin hydrated for a longer period of time.


Baby wash

  • Gentle no-tears formula does not cause irritation to baby’s eyes
  • Natural plant based ingredients fights against bacteria & germs
  • Free from parabens & alkali making it mild for baby’s skin

My experience-Any product which has either natural milk cream or shea butter always excites me. Bingo! this one from softsens has both.The liquid is thick two drop at a time is enough at one go.I totally loved the sweet fragrance of this baby wash.Trust me you wont need any after bath moisturiser post using this as it moisturises & nourishes skin thoroughly.


Baby shampoo

  • Gentle no-tears formula does not cause irritation to baby’s skin & eyes
  • Infused with the power of natural plant based essentials
  • Free from parabens and alkali thus it is mild on baby’s scalp

My experience-This is a really good shampoo which doesn’t dry the scalp post using it.The presence of all essentials components nourished and softened her hair.The best thing is it didn’t take much time to rinse it off.Go for this shampoo for silky hair.


Baby lotion

  • Natural milk cream and shea butter nourishes and keeps baby’s skin moisturized
  • Glycerin & vitamin E makes skin soft & supple
  • Enriched with plant based natural oils which protects from external dryness

My experience-I didn’t use it for Anaika as I didn’t really felt the need of any lotion post taking bath.But I tried using this on myself.This is an excellent moisturizer which is light in weight & non greasy.It has all vital components you would prefer for your little one.


Baby cream

Soft cream infused with the power of natural milk cream & shea butter

Natural plant based ingredients nourishes and keeps baby’s skin moisturized

Enriched with glycerine & vitamin E thereby protecting & soothing baby’s skin

My experience-Absolute must have ! The smell is divine & it nourishes & moisturises skin so well.The natural softness of baby’s skin is well preserved.


Baby wipes

  • Enriched with lotion & vitamin E extracts that gives cooling and soothing effect to baby’s skin
  • Hypoallergenic ingredients and dermatologically tested

My experience-Being a mommy comes with the need of gallons of wipes.And how amazing it is when you get wipes made of extra thick & extra soft cloth which can be used on the entire body with the best pricing.Do check it out you wont be disappointed.

Cost-Pack of 20-INR 65

Baby powder

  • Enriched with plant based ingredients which has a soothing & cool effect on baby’s skin
  • No paraben dyes

My experience-I did not use this one for little one as powder is not required due to cold weather.Though I tried this velvety soft powder on myself.It is extremely light and has a sweet fragrance.This is enriched with goodness of plant based ingredients.A good option which allows skin to breathe naturally.

Cost-100g-INR 60

Overall Softsens is an amazing brand with a product line curated with utmost love & care.They smell divine & come in the most perfect packing.All of their products are internationally tested and recommended from 0 months of age and are never tested on animals.We loved using each of their product.You can buy their product from Softsens website or AmazonIndia.

What would you prefer for your little one?


Have you used softens products?


Please share your views in the comments below.



Breezy prematernity photoshoot-My experience

~Seeing a thousands rainbow everyday,a thousands occasions of sweet hurrays & million reasons to smile everyday💕

This is one of my most fav pic from my pre maternity shoot.I always wanted to do one!Few things which helped me for a smooth pregnancy shoot are,

  • Wardrobe:I opted for light comfortable gowns from @And.They aren’t into maternity but u can get your size even if you have a big baby bump.
  • Timing:Of course! You want to flaunt that big round belly.You should always go for a shoot when your bump is big & but not huge as you won’t be able to pose or might get exhausted.You should be in a position to carry yourself without any hassle. We did it wen I was eight months preggo.
  • Photographer:Book your Photographer well in advance.But make sure you mention him that it’s a maternity shoot so you would need some rest in between.
  • Split days:If you have thought to go for a shoot in two or three dresses its always advisable to spread it across two days instead of exhausting yourself by changing dresses.
  • Location:Many couple prefer indoor photoshoot because you are at your comfort zone you don’t have to worry about weather & you don’t have to carry any stuff with you.I opted for a outdoor location as I find natural backdrops more appealing.Always choose location which is not very far from your home & If possible go for early morning shoots as prego women get tired easily in harsh sunlight.
  • Must carry: Carry loads of water, light snacks & important medicine that is recommended by doc.I had nausea problem & I never forgot to carry that whenever I used to step out of home.
  • Props:We used a lot of props in our shoot.It amazes me how one prop can make a picture look so good.You can grab a few before the shoot or ask your Photographer if he can arrange the same.
  • Make Memories:One of the best things about this shoot is that someday you will sit with your little one & enjoy browsing through the same.I wonder how excited I will be if Anaika ask me “mumma was I inside your tummy ?” I have so many pictures to show her when she grows up.Just dont stress about the shoot & go easy.Its more about living those moments with your better half.Pictures immortalizes the most beautiful phase of your life & I strongly feel you should frame this once in a lifetime thing in the beautiful walls of your home.



I hope these tips will help you while planning your maternity photoshoot.Follow me on Instagram (@ananyamishrad) for more updates.



Luv Ananya ❤️

My Must Have List Before Baby Arrival ❤️

Before the little bundle of joy arrives little bit of preparation is all I did to survive initial stressful days.Here is my list of must have things before you bring your piece of heaven home.



-Full sleeves front button tees (6 pieces) @mothercare has nice range of three pack setsI prefer front button because it is very easy to change incase baby throws up or tee gets dirty.

-Half sleeves shoulder button tees (6 pieces) go to Mothercare again for hot days

-Full rompers (6 pieces) you can use these during nights

-Half rompers (2 piece) or two piece set (2 piece) Make the baby wear this when you take her out for vaccaination

– 4 pyjama sets 

-6 pairs socks

-2 pairs soft booties

-10 pair mittens

Incase baby is born during winters

-Thermal inners

-4 sweaters 

-1 front chain jacket

-6 winter gloves 

-3 winter caps 

-6 winter socks 



-Two pack of new born diapers

-Cloth diapers (new born CD are available @superbottoms) I had a very good experience during my initial days of motherhood

– 20 piece of cloth nappies incase you are not comfortable with CD 

-Diaper rash cream 

-4 waterproof liners 

-Dirty diapers bag dispenser 

-Stack baby wipes (Lot of ‘em)



-6 burp cloths

-6 bottles with slow flow nipples (Dr.Brownor Chicoo )required only if you plan formula feed or pump out breast milk

-Bottle cleaning brush 

-Bottle cleaning liquid

-Sterilzer (Chicoo is the one I use)

-2 Nursing bras 

-1 packet Nursing pads for leakage 

-Breast pump 

-Nipple cream for cracked nippples if you bf

-Nursing pillow- I have one but never used as I find normal pillows more comfortable



– 2 big towels

-2 hand towels

-2 pack soft handkerchief 

-1 pack of washcloths

-2 thick baby massage cloth

-Cotton swabs

-Baby oil 

-Baby shampoo

-Baby body wash

-Baby lotion 

-Baby powder

-Powder storage container & puff

-Infant bath net

-Baby grooming set from @mothercare



-6 baby bed linens 

-4 swaddle cloth  

-2 cotton dohar

-1 Baby quilt 

-4 dry mats

-1 mattress set

-1 baby pillow

-1 mustard seed pillow ( You can alternate both) this will prevent flat head

-Mosquito net



-Diaper bag

-Flask to carry warm water 

-Three tier box to carry formula powder (Incase you ff) 



-Sling provided you are confident enough to wear you baby


-Rocker chair 

-Baby cot or bassinet 

-Rattles & toys

I hope this list of mine will help you while planning for your must have list ❤️Do let me know your views regarding the same.Kindly follow me on Instagram at @ananyamishrad for more updates.

Love Ananya ❤️

Lets travel with a pram 

Travelling with a baby is a whole new adventure.When we booked our tickets for our first vacation post Anaika many people raised eyebrows.There were lot of if’s & but’s & like always less encouragers.Touchwood! It was one of the best vacation & my baby seemed to be equally game for it.In the entire trip this pushchair was a big savior, infact when I re-look at my vacation i wonder that without this gizmo I would have been left stranded


✔Stroller/Pram weight is not factored for by most of the airlines though it is advisable to check the airline’s policy before you book your tickets


✔You can tag it at the check in counter, push it till the entry gate of the aircraft,from there an airline staff will collect it & the same gets delivered back to you at the desitination airport. This handling process is pretty much smooth based on my personal experience


✔Most of the countries are pram friendly & this makes its usage very convenient


✔It gave me & my little bub great ease. She would happily lie down & stretch out


✔We used to wheel her around in the pram & she enjoyed every bit of this trip.Her sleeping routine went smoothly only because of this one


✔This is easily collapsible and it makes this very convenient to use


✔With a comfortable seating, canopy, seat adjustment, and quality wheels, baby had all the reasons to enjoy the ride


✔️It is easier to carry all the baby accessories plus your own ( the basket below can accommodate your shopping bags😺)


Choose a good baby stroller which would offer maximum comfort and safety to your baby.

They make our life comfortable & you should always add them while you plan for a trip.I had my own set of jitters while planning out this vacation but the experience was amazing.

Let me know your thoughts about it.Follow me @ananyamishrad on instagram for more updates.



My FIRST 3 months postpartum 🤰🏼

Every first is so special be it your first day in school,first cycle or when you hold your baby for the first time.First of anything gets imprinted in our mind & heart forever.I bet none of us will forget the first day we discovered our pregnancy.The feeling of life inside you makes you feel beautiful from inside.Similarly you will never forget first few hours, days and weeks with your baby.The first few days with my sparkling new baby was a testing time of my strength.I was still recovering post c-section when my tiny little human was placed in my arms and then there were visitors, unbearable body pain,less breast milk ,formula milk ,ceaseless cryings,spit up, burp and diaper changing session.I was worried, frantic and frustrated.That is when I thought its time to rearrange my thoughts and emotions as per the need of my new born.Certain things really helped me a lot during my early days with my baby.

👶🏻Baby essentials-I made a list of all the things I thought was important after birth.I shopped well in advance all essential items like baby toiletries, diapers etc.I maintained a good stack of all the 

products so that I don’t have rush to the shop at the last moment.

👶🏻Borrow- Like at my place it’s a rule that new born can wear new clothes only after one religious ceremony which was held tenth day after birth.Hence, I borrowed clothes from my friend for initial few days.If you can make your new born wear new clothes please buy well in advance,wash them at least 4-5 times before using them as new born skin is very sensitive and they might get rashes.

👶🏻Space out:You have to make space for stacking new borns stuff.I emptied the cupboards when I was eight months pregnant and organized all baby essentials which I bought properly.Post delivery it will be difficult to arrange stuffs with new born and hence do it before the arrival.I also briefed my mother in law regarding the arrangement so that she can help me when required.

👶🏻Take help: Yes!you are a new mom and you want to do everything related to your baby yourself but momma take help as you are recovering post birth and you need ample of rest as well.I was lucky here as I live with my in laws & a maid was hired to stay with me for 24*7. But if you are staying alone take help of your husband.Ask him to look after the baby for sometime and so that you can catch up for a power nap.I even used to pump out my breast milk whenever I was free so that I can get some rest and anyone can feed the baby breast milk through a bottle.

👶🏻Restrict visitors:I know it’s easy to say than done but try to limit visitors.You & your baby need lot of ‘mom&me’ time for healing and bonding.

👶🏻Listen & forget:During pregnancy & post delivery you will be bombarded with a list of dos & donts from every random person. People will question over your milk supply,about holding the child and every other thing. Just calm your nerves, listen & forget. Don’t question yourself by listening to others.

👶🏻Talk:There will be times when you will feel depressed this is when you should speak to your husband, mom or your best friend.Talking with your loved ones will help you to find solutions to your problems.

👶🏻Find your own answers:Being a new mother it’s obvious you will have lot of inhibitions and queries.Talk to your mom friends, join groups like breastfeeding support for Indian mothers, cloth diapering groups, read mom blogs and you will find most of your answers. For any health related issue it is always advisable to talk to your health provider than googling.

👶🏻Weight worries:Its very obvious that you will gain weight during pregnancy and that is going to stay with you for quiet sometime.I say go Aishwarya Rai way than Kareena Kapoor.That is my personal belief.A body which took nine months to nourish a life inside you & brought that Lil angel to your life safely be proud of it.If it took nine months to gain it will take another few months to get back to shape.Do accept everyone’s body system is not same.Few people loose faster and few take time.No need to think about getting back to shape immediately you will have one lifetime to get back to shape so immediately after birth your Lil one should be your utmost priority.There will be people who will tell you that you look fat but that’s ok! Don’t go dieting as that will effect your milk supply. Once your supply is established and you are settled you can start with walking.I started yoga after my daughter was 4 months old.So, mommies sit back, eat & relax.

👶🏻Be mentally prepared:Be prepared that baby will be active at night at least for first 100 days of their lives,will have growth spurts,cluster feeding,number of pee & poop sessions and what not!Early you accept early you recover.With time everything that’s going on will make sense and seem more manageable on your part.

Your eyes will be filled with tears of happiness when your eyes will lock with your newborn,you will feel insanely happy when her hands tries to clutch your finger. You will feel immensely happy when your baby will smile looking at you after waking up.But at the same time you will be tired like never before.To all the new mommies & to be mommies I know it’s hard it will be very tuff but it’s worth it!

It’s soooooooooo worth it.❤️

Please do share your comments you have regarding the same.Kindly like my instagram page @ananyamishradalmia for more updates.




It seems like yesterday only when Lil Anaika was born.Oh! everyday I feel like she is growing up too fast & I just want to freeze all the moments.I want to record & treasure every moment of my baby’s first year.I try to freeze as many milestones as I can of little Anaika.Every month I eagerly wait for the day 14th to arrive that is because she was born on April14th’17 and I would get a chance to doll her up & celebrate her monthly birthday.I have bought these beautiful milestone cards as well from @mybabybabbles which makes all her pics look so nice.It is said that babies don’t remember first two year of their lives and that is another reason I want to capture all small and big milestones of her. 

I wonder how happy she will feel when she will browse through the memory lane.But trust me you have to click at least hundred snaps to get that perfect shot.There are few tricks and tips which will help you to get that perfect click.

🎀Camera:All you need is a phone with a camera.Trust me you don’t need to hire a photographer for your frequent shoots.If you are owning a phone with decent megapixel you can freeze those memories for lifetime.More than half of little’A’s pic I have clicked through my iPhone.So, lovelies just grab that phone & click.

🎀Plan: Then comes the planning stage.Planwhen you are going to click your Lil ones pic well in advance.Make sure it doesn’t coincide with your personal affairs or any other outings as baby needs ample of rest before being clicked.

🎀People: Make sure only familiar faces are around the baby when you are up for a photoshoot. At times babies become cranky when surrounded by new faces.

🎀Outfits&Props :If you have a special outfit you want your baby to wear or any photo props you want to use then please grab them well in advance.Neatly stacked at one place.

🎀Let the baby sleep:Make sure your Lil munchkin gets ample of rest before you start with the photo session.Do not plan a shoot during normal sleeping hours of your baby.As, a fresh baby will always be up for a smiling session.

🎀Feed:Feed the baby at least half an hour before the shoot. A baby with filled stomach will be less fussy & if you are lucky will pose Infront of camera like a pro.

🎀Outfits for yourself:After babies we tend to forget about ourself but as these pics are going to be with you till eternity finalise your & partners outfit as well.Select the ones in which you will be super comfortable & it won’t be a hassle to carry the baby.Its always recommended to select outfits keeping in mind delicate skin of babies.

🎀Toy: Yes!keep that special toy of your baby handy as that will help you to grab attention of your little munchkin.It works for me like crazy whenever I show Lil Anaika her favorite toy she is elated and in those few mins I try to get that perfect picture😀.
So,mamas & daddy’s are you up for a shoot with your Lil munchkin?I hope these tips will help you to capture all milestones of your Lil munchkins.Please do share your comments & any ideas you have to do the same.Kindly like my instagram page (ananyamishradalmia) for more updates.