A mom is daughter’s first friend & through life becomes her best friend-Anonymous ❤️Indeed! We laugh, we argue,we agree, we disagree, we fight,we cry, but no matter what we love her beyond universe.And I know no one else matters to her more than us.While sipping coffee & looking through my window my eyes glued upon a mum & daughter duo.Girl must be in her teenage wearing all those funky clothes & was arguing with her mum over something on top of her voice.And then suddenly Anaika came from behind in her walker with a big broad smile telling something in her gibberish language.Gosh! That moment I felt like “mum this is going to happen very soon”.While growing up I too had my set of clash with my mum.I used to believe a lot of things which were actually not true.At one point of time whatever she used to teach me sounded more like “lecture” to me & all I did is listen from one ear & let go from other.

  • When she told me that my family will always be there for me no matter what-There were days when my life used to revolve around my friends.But sailing through life all I could understand is the only people who will stick to me without asking any question is my family & this was my biggest realization
  • When she told me to let go things & grudges-I am very short tempered & I generally cut off from people whom I feel are not worth staying in my life.But with age came maturity & all I can think is life is too short to fight over petty issues or to hold on to things because I get affected equally. My mum taught me to say “sorry” even if I wasn’t wrong & let it go.This act of mine always helps me to be at peace.
  • When she told me to stay away from few nerd friends as they aren’t worth it-As time passed by I started realising they are just friends of benefits.And it is so important to choose friends wisely.
  • When she told me being organised is important- Oh! This We have heard from our childhood.My mum is an organizing freak & always used to teach us the same.This one good teaching has helped me not only at home but in my office as well.
  • When she told me to learn few household chores-Earlier I always used to think damn! I am not going to do this but time is powerful you start revisiting your thoughts when you face situations.I learned that learning few things is very important for self survival.Its not about learning household chores to take care of others but its about learning things to take care of yourself & your own home.I am thankful to her for this!
  • When she told me to give more time to my studies-It used to irk me from inside whenever she used to tell me this.As I stand and look back getting my offer letter from TCS was one of the happiest days of my life & it was just not possible without hardwork.And the list goes on…!!We had our own set of agreements & disagreements.Mostly mum always topped in the “taken for granted” list.But somewhere around mid twenties there was a phenomenal change of thought process & world started looking exactly like my mum had explained to me.This realization of “Mum was correct about everything” majorly hit me after marriage & motherhood.It is truly said you realise the value of the bond that you share with your mum only after getting married and leave your home.Whatever she told me years before started making more sense post marriage.

Everyone tells you how much your life will change after having a baby. Life takes a ‘U’ turn. Nothing else in this universe will make you happy than motherhood but it is insanely crazy at the same time. Amidst all the new beginnings & emotions one transformation is that I understood my own mum so much better than I ever did in my entire life.I can relate to every other thing she tells me & everyday when I see my daughter I think how much she has actually done for me.After becoming a mom yourself will make you love your mother even more.Over the past few years more than anything else the biggest thing which I have realized is my mum was actually correct about everything.Have you realised the same?Do you agree with your mum like never before?Tell me about all in the comments below .

This post is a part of a blog train organised by Elina Wadia where 20 Indian moms have come together to write on how their own mothers were right! To read her article on the same topic head to Deeksha’s article. Also, make sure to check this interesting article written by a fellow mom blogger Elina.

Love Ananya❤️

8 thoughts on “My mom was right!!

  1. This is the cycle of life. All of us have gone through the same stage and felt the same things. Very well written.


  2. Very well articulated about the most beautiful relationship of a child with his/her mother. Keep it up and would love to see some write ups about the dads too 🙂


  3. Hey Ananya,

    You are writing some amazing pieces that just brings out a smile on my face.Every point is so well explained and anyone can relate to their mom and to be moms when they hold their child in their arms.Keep Blogging and Inspiring xoxo .



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